Custom Memorial Grave Blanket on Christmas : In loving of grave blanket


Custom grave blankets that covers the ground above a grave. These grave blankets can be customized with different photos and wording of your choice, I will have also have options to choose from. Custom blankets DOES NOT INCLUDE ROCKS OR ACCESSORIES.
This Christmas, celebrate the lives of those you hold dear by adorning their resting place with a personalized grave blanket that truly speaks from the heart.

Memorial Grave Blankets
Heavy duty vinyl, water and weather proof.
Sizes available:  ( 1ft = 12 inch)
1x2 Newborn/Pet
Infants : 1ft x 3ft
- 2ft x 3ft
Adult : 2ft x 5ft
- 3ft x 6ft
- 4ft x 8ft
Please make sure to measure the vault if above ground to see if you’ll need a bigger size blanket.
Made with heavy duty 14oz vinyl.