Native American crossbody drum bag

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A lovely bag for your RAV Vast drum!
The best conditions for your instrument and its owner, a novelty from The Attic Bags.
The high-quality materials, an awesome print, and bright colors capture your attention from the first moment.
Inspired by the bright colors and enchanting patterns of Eastern countries, we created a unique design of the Mandala Bag, which was based on the traditional sacred symbols of Indian culture.
It has an invisible zipper with two latches which makes the case classy and an easy-to-use.
The Mandala bag was made with 4 cm foam rubber inside, therefore it's more than cloud-soft.

The dimensions are:
The diameter: 23 in (59 cm)
The weight: 3,3 lbs (1,5 kg)

Furthermore, the bag has an additional little case inside:

The width: 9,4 in (24 cm)
The height: 6,3 in (16 cm)
The depth: 2,7 in (7 cm)

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